The Porcelain Cellar is a Danish porcelain shop located in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark.   We specialize in antique, handpainted dinnerware from Royal Copenhagen and B&G including Blue Fluted, Tranquebar, Blue Flower amongst others.

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Please note! This is only a very limited selection from our inventory - please contact us for availability of other items.

We carry a wide selection of handpainted dinnerware from Royal Copenhagen and B&G

  • Blue Fluted (Musselmalet)

    Manufactured since 1775 and available in plain, half lace and full lace.

  • Tranquebar

    Designed by Christian Joachim at Aluminia in 1912-1918.

  • Blue Flower

    Braided, angular and curved.

  • Gemina & Gemma

    Designed by Gertrud Vasegaard in 1962.

  • Henriette

    Overglaze polychrome decoration.

  • Saxon Flower

    Overglaze polychrome decoration.

  • Salto

    Designed by Axel Salto for Royal Copenhagen in 1956.

  • Fan (Vifte)

    Designed by Arnold Krog in 1909 and produced in blue, gold and white.

  • Empire

    Designed in 1904 at B&G.

  • Seagull (Måge)

    Designed by Fanny Garde at Bing & Grøndahl in 1895.

  • Butterfly

    Designed circa 1880 at B&G.

  • Other items

    From Royal Copenhagen, Bing & Grøndahl, Aluminia and Moser.

  • The majority of our inventory is not online

    This site contains only a limited selection from our inventory - please contact us for availability of other items.

  • Royal Copenhagen
  • Moser

Danish glassware and "Splendid" from Moser

We also have a selection of glassware from Kastrup and Holmegaard Glassworks, including Berlinois (Christian VIII), Derby, Ejby, Gisselfeld, Gorm den Gamle (Viking), Gyldenholm Lalaing, Murat (”Fattigmands-Derby”), Oreste, Rosenborg and Windsor.

   In addition, since 2005 we have represented the old Czech glass manufacturer Moser as distributor in Denmark, and we are selling the exclusive glass series Splendid, which is designed in 1911 and used by the Royal Danish Court. Furthermore all other products from Moser are also available upon request.

Frequently asked questions

Are all your items online?

Not yet. We are regularly adding items to our online shop, but since we have a large inventory it will take time. In the meantime please feel free to contact us if you are looking for something that is not yet online. We probably already have it for you.

How is the quality of antique dinnerware?

Since we inspect each piece carefully before it is inventoried, we do not separate pieces based on used or previously owned status - but rest assured that every piece we ship is in perfect condition (unless specifically stated).

Why are some prices unavailable?

Since pricing for some of our pieces is set subject to the condition of each item, it is sometimes difficult for our online system to track inventory of particular items. However, please contact us to request prices for items which are not currently shown online.

Do you ship?

Yes. We ship orders internationally, however please note that the shipping and handling charges do not include taxes, duties or import fees. These fees will be the responsibility of the recipient.