Tranquebar: Three Wise Men

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Three Wise Men or The Holy Three Kings candlesticks in Tranquebar from Aluminia (today Royal Copenhagen).

Modeled by Rasmus Harboe. Available in Balthasar (3057/1158), Caspar (3058/1159) and Melchior (3059/1160).

Traditionally, Caspar is perceived as the oldest and gives the gold, Melchior is middle-aged and giving frankincense from Arabia, while Balthasar is a young man with myrrh from Saba (today Yemen). However, in these figurines Melchior is depicted with a money bag, Caspar as black king and Balthasar with scepter and apple. The Balthasar (left) and Melchior (right) figurines are more common than Caspar (center). 

Height: 14.5 cm.

Royal Copenhagen Tranquebar Three Wise Men

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